Woman Refuses To Move Car For A Construction Worker, Then Karma Quickly Takes Over

Woman Refuses To Move Car For A Construction Worker, Then Karma Quickly Takes Over

Some people have a level of entitlement that is truly out of this world. But as one rude driver learned, you can only get away with that for so long. In fact, she barely got away with her life! The day started like any other, but when it came time to pick up her kid from school, all hell broke loose.

Foreman For Hire

The stranger who shared the tale with the world was a construction worker and Redditor known by the username BBQLunch. When he got hired as the foreman for a new house build, he had no idea that the job would come with such an intense obstacle. Surprisingly, his nemesis appeared in the form of a woman in a sedan.


Up The Hill

His day had already been tough up to that point, as this wasn’t an ordinary house. It was elegant and large — classier than others in the neighborhood, and tucked away at the top of a hill. BBQLunch soon got very familiar with that steep incline.

Tristan Menzies/Wikimedia Commons

Lugging Around

Unfortunately, this meant that the contractors had to lug supplies all the way up the hill from the driveway. It was a tiring trek, and they couldn’t afford any interruptions to their schedule. Thankfully, there was a rule on their side.

Lanka Property Web / YouTube

No Parking

There were two official “No Parking” signs placed at the bottom of the hill, keeping the driveway clear and ready for function use. But one passerby didn’t care. The selfish stranger was more concerned about a buzzing location just down the hill from the construction site.


Elementary School

Every afternoon the workers heard a bell and the shrieks of excited children from an elementary school half a block from the bottom of the hill. Whether or not the foreman liked it, the area regularly ran wild with frenzied children…and their parents.


So Far, So Good

When construction began, parents were mostly compliant with the sign. It seemed to be doing its job. That is until one woman defied it. Even as she saw the foreman and his colleagues hiking up and down the steep slope, she pulled over to the curb.

CareerOneStop / YouTube

Parked Anyway

Oblivious to their efforts, she parked right at the “No Parking” sign — blocking the foot path up to the construction site. The foreman assumed that she must have missed the signage, so he walked over to kindly ask her to move.

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Chill Pill

The woman immediately scoffed and replied, “I’ll just be a few minutes, and your truck isn’t here, take a chill pill dude.” The foreman was taken aback, and unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the worst of his problems. 


Pulling In

Just as the woman finished telling off the foreman, the lumber truck that was meant to pull in at the time arrived at the site. There was no place for them to unload all that wood. The woman had to move, and fast.

Memory Catcher / Pixabay

Still There

The foreman thought that the woman would surely understand at this point. After all, the truck she earlier brushed off had arrived right on time. So, why was she still there?

History / YouTube

Windows Up

Instead of leaving, the woman rolled her window up and ignored the situation around her. The foreman waved until she rolled it down ever so slightly. She angrily yelled, “What?” He explained that the truck had to unload, but the driver wouldn’t budge.

Doyle Mills / YouTube

Drive Around!

The woman insisted she wasn’t moving until school let out. “Can’t you guys just unload around me? Jesus, it’s not that hard,” she spouted off. The foreman wasn’t happy about it, but that’s when an idea of his own entered the picture.

You Should Know / YouTube

Block for Block

After working out an arrangement with the man driving the lumber truck, the foreman knew what had to be done. At his command, the lumber truck blocked her in next to the curb. However, the mean mom’s reaction wasn’t quite what they expected.

Photo by Jim Rice/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

Calling the Police

She didn’t even notice. The foreman, meanwhile, picked up his phone and called the police. “At this point in time I wasn’t trying to get her in trouble, I just wanted a record of why we were blocking part of the street so we don’t get in trouble with the city,” he said.

Photo by Adrian Greeman/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

30 Minutes

The officer said that he would be there in 30 minutes. So the foreman had that much time to solve this. Before he could think of what to do next, the woman’s kid arrived.


In Her Hands

The woman couldn’t even exit her car to greet her kid. She had to climb to the passenger side and once she did, she barked at the foreman to move his car! But he replied that company policy forbade him from moving the truck while it’s loaded. 

Extreme Trends / YouTube

Waiting Game

The woman would have to wait for it to be unloaded. But she definitely wasn’t going to accept that. So she climbed back into her car and decided she would make a run for it — even though there was nowhere to go.


Messy Exit

After running over a portapotty, the woman’s car got stuck on the sidewalk barrier. She didn’t even come close to making it out, and the officer arriving on the scene watched it all happen. Needless to say, the crazed mother had broken a few laws.

KFOR / Twitter

Step Out of the Car

The officer asked her to step out. She lied and said the foreman gave her permission to park there. Unfortunately for her, the officer already knew the whole story.

DailyDrivenExotics / YouTube

Made Her Bed

On top being charged with reckless driving, destruction of property, and driving on a suspended license, the officer also towed the woman’s car and arrested her. Her kid’s grandmother was forced to pick him up. The foreman watched it happen, content that justice had been served. He shared a bold prediction with the rest of the construction crew.

Did You Know / YouTube

Lesson Learned?

“I think next time she’ll probably think twice about parking in a tow away zone, if she ever gets a license again,” he said. But when this wild encounter was shared online, it opened up the flood gates for even wilder tales of parking spot aggression.


Late Night Craving

Hunter and Lara were relaxing in front of the TV when they started to crave a snack they didn’t have in the apartment. The couple dreamed of Boston creme, jelly filling, and powdered sugar… It was 8:30 P.M., so they were in a serious time crunch. See, the only late-night doughnut place was downtown. This meant braving some nightmarish traffic, but they hoped the fried dough would be worth it.

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

On The Hunt

When they arrived downtown, it was packed with cars and pedestrians. They were determined to make their doughnut dreams a reality, but the bakery was supposed to close at 9 P.M. They had to find a parking spot — and fast.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Time To Parallel Park!

Finally, Hunter saw a street-parking spot open up ahead. It was a rare find, located just beyond the doughnut shop and right on the sidewalk. The couple happily pulled up and prepared to parallel park into the spot.

Michael Sauers / Flickr

The Little White Vespa

But just as she and Hunter were starting to parallel park, a “little white Vespa,” as Hunter described, suddenly whipped into the spot. Lara slammed on the breaks and watched as the Vespa screeched to a halt.

claudio.arnese via Getty Images


Hunter and Lara looked at each other in shock. They had been cautious when parallel parking to avoid hitting anything, or worse, anyone, so it was unbelievable that this Vespa had stolen their spot in the blink of an eye.


Tensions Rising

The two young Vespa-driving women, who were most likely college students, looked at Hunter and Lara’s shocked faces and laughed. Beyond annoyed and seriously craving a doughnut, Hunter rolled down his window.

Aitor Diago via Getty Images

Evil Laughter

“Excuse me, we were just backing in,” he called out to the girls on the Vespa. But instead of apologizing, the girls just laughed again and replied, “Sorry, first come first serve!”

Warner Bros.

Newfound Determination

At this point, the whole situation had put a pin in Lara’s doughnut dreams, but Hunter had a different idea. He was determined that, rude drivers or not, he and Lara would get their dessert…

Fox Kids / Warner Bros. Animation


So he told Lara to drop him off in front of the doughnut shop and to pick him up in five minutes. He went into the shop, still seething from the encounter with the Vespa girls.

Nigel Killeen via Getty Images

A Horrible Noise

Worse, his worries about the doughnut shop that time of night came true: It was packed, and the normally filled shelves of doughnuts were emptying quickly. All he could do was wait…which is when he heard a familiar voice.

David Ryder/Getty Images

Yadda Yadda Yadda

It was coming from one of the Vespa girls, who stood right behind him in line. The two girls were so busy talking about doughnuts that they didn’t even notice him. Hearing their voices again was irritating enough for Hunter…

John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Sweet Inspiration

Until he overheard them say, “Thank God we got a parking spot” before laughing hysterically. Hunter concentrated on deciding which doughnut to order from the two dozen left in the shop…which is when he was struck with sweet inspiration. 

Kelly Loughlin via Getty Images

That Got Their Attention!

He told the employee that he would like two dozen doughnuts — the exact amount left in the shop. Now, Hunter realized with glee, the Vespa girls were paying attention…and they weren’t happy.

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Biting Comeback

“What, you’re not even going to save a few for us?” the Vespa driver asked the employee. At this, Hunter turned around and replied with the comment he’d been waiting to say the entire time.

Photo by Brandon Williams/WireImage

First Come, First Serve!

“Sorry,” he said. “First come, first serve!” The looks on the girls’ faces were, as Hunter said, “Truly an expression I [will] never forget.” Hunter left the bakery with two dozen doughnuts and an extra spring in his step…

lncreativemedia via Getty Images

She Was Where?!

Hunter waited in front of the bakery for Lara to pick him up, but she was nowhere in sight. So, he called her — and was surprised to hear the amusement in her voice when she said she was in their parking spot.

Anchiy via Getty Images

Lara’s Plan

Their parking spot? Sure enough, when Hunter went over to the Vespa, there was Lara parked right next to it, blocking it in. She laughed when Hunter told her about the doughnuts — and started to reveal her own plan for revenge.

Focus Features

Vengeance Is Sweet

But before she could finish, they heard an angry honk. It was from the Vespa, and the girls clearly weren’t expecting to see Hunter and Lara again, especially after the doughnut incident. Most of all, they weren’t expecting Lara’s own vengeful plan. 

John W Banagan via Getty Images

Safety First!

Hunter and Lara toasted to the victorious occasion with two doughnuts, which they ate then and there right next to the Vespa. After all, it would have been unsafe for Lara to start driving with half of a doughnut in her hand!

PamelaJoeMcFarlane via Getty Images

Satisfying Revenge

After a few long minutes of dessert-eating, the couple slowly drove away. But unlike the first time, they left their parking spot laughing and filled to the brim with doughnuts…and with the sweet satisfaction of revenge. 

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images