A Woman Transformed This Tiny Shed Into A Cozy Family Home – Take A Look Inside

A Woman Transformed This Tiny Shed Into A Cozy Family Home – Take A Look Inside

From the outside, it’s obvious that Jori Wilkinson’s shed is not the kind you’d buy to store tools or a lawnmower. Still, you probably won’t be prepared for just how amazing the inside actually is. The young mom and her husband have transformed the wooden shell into a beautiful family home – and what they’ve created may well inspire you to do the same.

Shed life

Jori and her husband, Gage, share this idyllic space with their young son, Kash. Three people in a small shed sounds pretty cramped, right? But they’ve been there since early 2018, proving that you don’t need a giant house to raise a family. But precisely how small are we talking here?


Super small

Well, the shed is roughly 400 square feet. To put that into context, the Statista website states that the average American family home in 2019 was just over 2,300 square feet. So, yeah, the Wilkinsons’ home really is quite tiny!


Fairytale greenhouse

Still, the family has used their limited space to great effect. They’ve even attached a haven-like greenhouse complete with fairy lights and hammocks. Sounds like the perfect place to chill, if you ask us! All in all, it’s a pretty cool setup. But the Wilkinsons’ reasons for trading in their old life may be different from what you’d expect.


Letting go of their old life

Jori wrote a lengthy Instagram post explaining their decision in 2017 – when she and her husband were still in the process of fixing up their shed. And in the message, the mom revealed what had happened to the family’s old property and why they’d decided to start such a project.


Taking advantage of the market

“So with the housing market on the rise, we decided to make some money by renovating our home and selling while I was about seven months pregnant!” Jori wrote. “It took us about a month to renovate our floors and kitchen. And I’d done small updates around the house the prior two years of living there.”


Big payout

“I had Kash, and the next day we were asked if we could show the house,” Jori continued. “I was like, ‘Yes of course!’ We ended up showing it a week later and got a full-price offer! We were stoked! We made a good chunk of money for a short-time investment.”


Hunting for a project

After that, Jori and her clan gathered up their belongings and traveled to her folks’ home, where they would plot their next move. But the original plan didn’t really appeal to the new mom. “We were going to buy a fifth-wheel trailer to live in temporarily,” she said. “But I was just thinking about how bored I’d be without a project.”


Turning to the shed

Instead, Jori and her husband got stuck into renovating this little shed. But as much as they would have liked to, the pair couldn’t focus on the project every day.


A Moveable home

“It hasn’t been easy only having weekends to work on [the shed],” Jori explained. “But it’s so worth it! We will have a beautifully designed tiny home we can take wherever we please! Much better than a trailer in my opinion.”


Curb appeal

Anyway, by now you’re probably wondering what the inside of the house looks like. And as we hinted earlier, it’s pretty special. The porch on the way to the front door is a sign of the amazing things to come. Not only is this area relatively spacious, but it also has a lovely view of the surrounding greenery.


Wraparound porch

The gate at the front leads you to the decking. And as you can see, it’s all white – making it really light and airy. Up here, you’ll find a couple of benches. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the incredible view.


Sharing on YouTube

Yes, the porch overlooks several trees, with some hanging right next to it so you can feel truly immersed in nature. Imagine relaxing out here on a beautiful summer’s day. You’d never want to move! It’s a truly wonderful sight. And Jori shared how she feels about this area in a YouTube video.


Cleaning challenge

The video was posted on the Living it Country channel back in June 2020. And in the clip, Jori reveals all about her home. “You probably think I’m crazy for having a white porch,” she says. “But I think it really brightens up this small space that we have here.” She’s not wrong! Though the young mom did admit that it’s not the easiest to maintain…


Aesthetic netting

“I do have to repaint [the porch] once or twice a year,” Jori explained. “But I’m okay with that. [And] I’ve added these curtains, which kind of act as a screened-in porch.” It really adds to the aesthetic, wouldn’t you say? The netting makes the cozy space feel even more serene.


Entering into the living room

With that, it’s about time that we took a peek inside the converted shed. As you stroll through the front door, you immediately enter the living room, which has a couch on the left-hand side. To the right, you’ll find a flat-screen television above a cozy fireplace.


Mini closet

And to the left of this spot, there’s a little cubbyhole covered by a net curtain. According to Jori, there aren’t any other spaces like this inside the house. It’s great for storage and is currently home to a vacuum cleaner and the property’s hot water heater. So it’s essentially a mini-utility closet.


Woodstove frame

And you may have noticed the dark wooden panels framing the fire. What’s going on here? Well, Jori offered a bit of insight into this choice in the Living it Country video. The mom’s explanation makes so much sense…


Getting resourceful

“I used to have a full-sized mantel,” she says. “But I had to take it out because the door was hitting it when it would open. [So] I just used some old shiplap and made that false one there.” Talk about thinking outside the box! That’s one way to make the best of a smaller space.


Optical illusion

And Jori has obviously tried to think of ways to make that part of the house seem bigger than it really is. Behind the sofa, she’s created what looks like a window into another room. There’s even a set of curtains draped overhead! But it’s not really a window at all.


Expanding the space

As Jori explains, “Right behind [the couch] is an old door that I refinished and put a mirror in.” Neat idea, right? Bars and restaurants sometimes use similar features to make their spaces look bigger. Anyway, let’s take a peek at the first bedroom now. Yes, this place has more than one bedroom!


Kash’s room

This room belongs to Jori’s son, Kash, and it’s located to the left of the living space. A large dark-wood panel appears to be standing in for a conventional door, giving the little boy some privacy. But this space has gone through a few changes since the family first moved in.


Double take

In January 2018 Jori shared a shot of the bedroom on her Instagram page. At that stage, a beautiful wooden crib stood against the far wall, and two lanterns hung overhead. Towards the end of the year, though, the mom posted a second picture of the space – and it looked a little different.


Big boy bed

The crib had been replaced by a mattress surrounded by a thin wooden frame. It looked like the skeleton of a tent. And in the accompanying caption, Jori explained, “I also recently have been turning Kash’s room from baby to toddler.”


Bedroom upgrade

Kash’s quarters look even more different today! His room now has a proper bed, which is raised up on a platform of sorts. To get to the mattress, there’s a tiny set of stairs, and there’s also a smooth panel of wood resting against the frame further along. A slide, perhaps?


Room for storage

“When I built this bed for [Kash], he just turned three,” Jori explains in the video tour. “He’s big enough to climb up there by himself and not fall off and get hurt. It opened up a lot of space underneath for his toys. And the steps going up that I made also have storage in them.”


Under-the-bed disco

Who wouldn’t have wanted a room like this as a kid? It’s awesome! And the space below the mattress appears to have an ever-changing light fitted in there as well. It switches between a variety of different colors – from red to a dark blue. A nice little feature to top it all off.


Adorable kitchen

As you head back into the living area, you’ll soon find the impressive kitchen. It’s all open-plan, which again helps to make the space feel a lot bigger than it actually is. But before we take a proper look at the hidden details, Jori shed some light on how it was built – if you’ll pardon the pun!


Recycled wood

In the video, Jori notes, “The shiplap in [the kitchen and living room] is from an old fruit warehouse. And the ceiling is from an old grain barn. The actual beams are from a metal roofing pallet that my husband’s dad found for us. They kind of match perfectly to the ceiling, so it worked out.”


More spacious than you’d think

In truth, the kitchen is not as snug as you might’ve feared, with quite a bit of space between the worktops, sink, and oven. There’s also enough room along the walls for some shelving. And the large fridge is nicely tucked away in the corner.


Practical decor

“We do have full-sized appliances,” Jori explains. “I don’t have a lot of decorations in here – I actually kind of multi-purpose them. So all of the glassware up [on the shelves] is stuff that we use every day. And then the stuff that’s not so attractive, I have space for in the cabinets underneath.”


Family bathroom

At the back end of the kitchen, you’ll notice an opening in the wall to the right. This is actually the entrance to the family bathroom, with a curtain separating it from the rest of the home. And as soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a bathtub and shower tucked away to the left. Unlike the rest of the house, this small spot has tiled walls.


Natural light

But the further in you venture, the wooden aesthetic returns. Yes, the bathroom opens up quite nicely, with a sink and mirror sitting at the far end of the space. It’s a cozy little spot, but Jori did have her doubts in the past.


Creative storage

“I wasn’t sure about not having extra storage under the sink in a tiny house,” Jori wrote on Instagram. “But I think it’s worth it. We do have a medicine cabinet built in behind the mirror that gives us a little extra storage.” Plus, there’s a box on the floor to hold the towels.


Compact laundry

But where do the family wash these towels? Well, as you step out of the bathroom, you’ll quickly stumble across the laundry room. It’s literally just a washer and dryer stacked on top of each other to the side of the kitchen. We’ve got to hand it to Jori’s creative thinking. Talk about making use of all the available space!


King-size bedroom

The bedroom Jori and her husband share is located to the right of the washer and dryer, with the mattress taking up most of the area. She says, “This space fits a king-sized bed perfectly. It’s kind of hard to make the bed, but it’s really cozy! And right out this window, we have our little chicken coops.”


Sweet garden views

Yep, the bedroom has a long pane of glass to the side that offers a nice view of the chickens. But the best view of the garden is seen from the relaxing greenhouse area just off to the side of the property. Jori has really nailed this space. You’re going to want one just like it!


Outdoor haven

Inside, there are gorgeous plants, rustic furniture, cozy fairy lights, and plenty of windows facing out onto the backyard. It’s the perfect haven! Imagine snuggling up in one of those hammocks with a book and a cup of cocoa. Delightful.


Cozy and festive

There’s also a giant black shelving unit positioned against the wall and a cozy seating area off to the side of the front door. This space is a wonderful addition to the house – and it looks amazing at Christmas! Jori and her husband have done an absolutely tremendous job.


Adorable and affordable

This family has everything they need right here. And the icing on the cake? No mortgage payments. Imagine the money you’d save if you were to do the same!


The ultimate playground

But of course, other homeowners have gotten just as creative with their own designs. Our inner child is pretty much freaking out right now! There are so many elements to this backyard playground, that we don’t know where to start: the adorable pool, the slide, the playhouse, and the trampoline all make for the ultimate play space. The kids in this house must have made unforgettable memories during quarantine!


Impressive workmanship

We can barely operate a screwdriver, let alone build our own patio furniture! Consider us extremely impressed with what this Redditor calls a “lockdown patio project.” Add a couple comfy cushions, and this is one patio we’d never want to leave.



In this Redditor’s post-COVID vision of the future, he saw his backyard as a welcoming hub for neighbors, family, and friends. So, he got to work on making that vision a reality. Obviously, he succeeded. We’d like a tall piña colada with a tiny pink umbrella, please!


The power of a good makeover

While the rest of us were growing our hair long and neglecting to shave, this Redditor gave their backyard the ultimate makeover! The tangle of unseemly vines were removed along with the spooky shed, and a courageous weeding job revealed a cute stone walkway. Ah, the power of a good makeover.

LargeHardOnCollider / Reddit

The backyard treehouse

If you thought you were productive during quarantine, think again! This guy took “productive” to new heights — literally — with this impressive backyard treehouse. It looks so darn cozy, we can’t imagine ever wanting to leave. Maybe the owner could rent it out during the summer months?


Post-pandemic parties

If we didn’t know better, then we’d have thought that the “after” photo was an entirely different yard! The yard went from overgrown and ordinary to something you’d see in a home renovation show. Just imagine the post-pandemic parties you could throw on this gorgeous patio!


Alley chic

Talk about a drastic transformation! This Redditor took what was essentially an alleyway and turned it into a chic outdoor living space. The hardwood flooring really makes it feel like home, and the cozy couch adds to the homey feel. Plus, you can’t go wrong with inviting plants and a barbecue.


Treasures underfoot

You never know what kind of treasures are lying right beneath your feet! In this Redditor’s case, they had beautiful patio tile underneath all that dust and dirt, just waiting to be revealed. After a fair bit of weeding, redecorating, and patio-installing, they now have the backyard space of their dreams. 


Outdoor movie night

Beforehand, this backyard looked like any other suburban yard. Post-transformation, however, it’s one of a kind: the beautiful lights, stylish awning, and comforting fire pit all tie this backyard paradise together. And of course, the mounted TV in the corner is the true centerpiece.


An office coop

We’ve never heard of a combination office/chicken coop, but it definitely looks comfortable! All this garage needed was a fresh coat of paint and some cheerful shrubbery to bring it to life. It’s perfect for responding to emails and laying eggs. We just hope the owner can get work done around all those feathers!


Say yes to power washing!

According to this Redditor, his backyard went from an area his family avoided to the most popular place in the house. He has his power washer to thank for that! This yard not only looks newer, but also brighter and cleaner thanks to the power washing and well-organized plant life.


Fit for a fairy

This is a yard fit for a fairy! And in the case of this Redditor, it’s also just right for a couple of imaginative grandkids. The adorable playhouse and its small garden will bring anyone’s fantasies to life, and the tiny mouse house is the perfect finishing touch. Goodbye, quarantine boredom!


Out-sand-ing desert lawn

Who said you can’t have a healthy and beautiful green lawn in the middle of the desert? This Phoenix couple used every trick in the book (and maybe a little magic) to make this homey backyard a reality. Still, the pretty rock border and cacti definitely remind us that we’re in the desert!


A modern transformation

It’s astounding what a little sprucing up can do! In the case of this Redditor, a modern paint color and well-maintained lawn was all it took to bring this house into the 21st century. And just in time for some socially distanced outdoor dinner parties, too!


Cool kids only

This isn’t a patio so much as an outdoor lounge for cool people, if the vibrant aztec-print carpet and soft lighting are any indication. We can see ourselves spending all night out here, sharing secrets with friends and relaxing under the stars. It’s safe to say this quarantine project was a success!


Small but spectacular

This woman took “do it yourself” to the next level with this backyard project. As if transforming an overgrown garden into a comfortable getaway wasn’t hard enough, she gave herself just two days and a budget of $750 to do it. She obviously pulled it off, if this small but spectacular finished product is any indication!


A summery hideaway

Now, this is a before and after that takes our breath away. This Reddit user managed to completely transform their drab, slate-gray balcony into a summery hideaway. We definitely wouldn’t mind spending the night under these twinkling lights, even if a nearby moose does crash the party. 


Easy peasy

Some of the transformations on the list took blood, sweat, and tears — this isn’t one of them. If you want to easily and effortlessly transform your own outdoor space, then take notes from this Redditor. With just a few eye-catching tiles and unique yellow furniture, this yard has been totally transformed for the better.


She means business

We can tell by this woman’s determined stance that she means business! The end result of all her hard work speaks for itself. We certainly wouldn’t mind whiling away the rest of quarantine in this backyard. The chairs look super comfortable, and the umbrella provides the perfect amount of shade.


Overcoming obstacles

This Redditor didn’t only overcome the threat of COVID during quarantine. Their mom also kicked out their abusive stepfather in 2020, which meant one thing: celebrating a safe new chapter in their home! Judging by the “after” photo, we can honestly say that this yard’s vibes have improved immensely.


The grass is always greener…

The grass is always greener on the other side…especially on this side of the fence. From the welcoming garden trellis to the abstract-looking chair, this is a backyard we’d like to spend some time in. The stark difference between the before and after photos proves that this new home is in good hands.


Inviting color scheme

There’s not much that a fresh coat of paint and a comfortable blue chair can’t fix. This backyard finally came into its own during quarantine, all thanks to one guy and his decidedly green thumb. With the red umbrella, deep orange flooring, and green chairs, the color scheme is also quite inviting!


A cozy reading nook

This couple took quarantine to a new level when they screened in their back porch. They did such a great job decorating the room with trendy throw pillows and adorable potted plants that we would never want to leave! We can totally see ourselves settling in with a good book.


Time well spent

Most of us spent quarantine baking bread and watching Netflix, but families with young kids had to get a little creative in order to fill the hours. This Reddit family went above and beyond in order to transform their backyard into every kid’s dream. That green grass is perfect for all sorts of backyard adventures!


Get some tiki torches

For anyone who craved a tropical vacation during the darkest days of the pandemic, take notes: a charming canopy of string lights, a welcoming entryway, and a cozy wooden chair are all it takes to transform your home into paradise.


Magazine-ready designs

Now this is a backyard transformation for the ages. Say goodbye to widespread dirt piles and drab color schemes and hello to green shrubbery, enticing red tiles, and a magazine-ready patio design. Did Martha Stewart help you with this?


Fulfilling a promise

During quarantine, we had more time than we knew what to do with. This guy used his extra time to fulfill a promise he’d made to his children two years earlier. By the time we all started venturing out of our homes, this man’s kids were begging to stay in the backyard!


Understandably nosy neighbors…

This went from ordinary backyard to the hottest spot in the neighborhood! If we were this family’s neighbors, we’d definitely peek over the fence from time to time in order to get a closer look at that gorgeous patio. Please invite us to your next dinner party, Redditor!


Beautified backyard

If you ever needed proof that you don’t need a huge plot of land and a ton of resources to create the backyard of your dreams, it’s right here. The patches of dirt and ugly fence have both been beautified into a backyard anyone would be proud of.


Years in the making

It was during lockdown that this guy was finally able to finish a project that was two years in the making: his brand-new backyard patio! The end result is gorgeous, but it’s safe to say this Redditor won’t be picking up a hammer again anytime soon. “I will never do this all again myself,” he wrote.


Ideal hangout spot

According to this guy, the hardest part of his backyard renovation was waiting for his Ikea order to ship! Once he got the goods, however, it was smooth sailing. It only took him around two days to install those tiles and fully furnish his outdoor hangout spot.


Adding some pizzazz

The only thing better than a renovated backyard is a renovated backyard with personality. The fountain makes for an elegant water feature, and the twisty stone pathways add some pizzazz. As a final touch, the pretty archway along the fence ties the whole yard together!


A unique sanctuary

This Redditor really made the most of their time at home during the pandemic, if this backyard sanctuary is any indication. This drab-to-fab transformation has us rushing to the nearest hardware store. We need grass seed, unique plants, and twinkling lights, stat!


Destination: driveway

There’s nothing like an old, crumbly driveway to throw an otherwise beautiful home off balance. This Redditor’s solution? A total renovation! They replaced the ancient stone with stylish red bricks and spruced up the gardens on either side. This is a driveway we’d love to come home to! 


Family bonding time

Those lucky enough to be with family during quarantine may have spent it like this Redditor. After watching the garden fall into disrepair for years, this family finally decided to bring it back to life. We hope the household ended up bonding, not bickering, over the fruits of their labor!