Tonight’s Super Pink Moon Will Be Closest and Brightest of 2020

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A spectacular view of the moon occurs tonight when the second of three supermoons in a row this year will reach its peak on Tuesday night, April 7, 2020. Known as the “Super Pink Moon,” this occurs rarely and will be the closest and brightest of the year; plus, more weather news and today’s forecast.

Super Pink Moon tonight – closest and brightest of 2020

If the weather cooperates in your area, you’ll have a chance to see the biggest and brightest Supermoon of the year, which reaches its apex at precisely 7:35 PM PDT/10:35 PM EDT on April 7.

The year 2020 is unique in the fact that three super moons are occurring in a row. The first was in March, the second in April, and the third will occur on May 7, known as the “Super Flower Moon.”

What is a supermoon and why is it called a Super Pink Moon?

A supermoon is a term used to describe a time when the moon is full and its orbit is slightly closer to Earth.

From our vantage point on this planet, it makes the moon appear a little larger and brighter than normal. During a supermoon, the lunar orb can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than an average full moon.

The term “Super Pink Moon” is a name that was derived from Native American tribes. They gave the April full moon this nickname due to its connection with the early springtime blooms of a pink wildflower that is native to eastern North America known as creeping phlox or moss phlox, also known by the scientific name of Phlox sublata.

Large area of severe weather over 3 regions today

At least half the country will see thunderstorms today from the nation’s midsection to the East Coast. A cold front will begin moving in today, colliding with warm air and creating a recipe for severe weather that will affect the upper midwest, Ohio Valley, and the northeast, bringing the potential for severe weather to at least 13 states.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is issuing a warning for strong thunderstorms with the possibility of severe weather which could include heavy rain, damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes.

The threat of severe weather will occur in the afternoon and evening hours for portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

Today’s US highs

West: San Francisco 59, Los Angeles 62, Reno 54, Las Vegas 69, Salt Lake City 65, Denver 73.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 57, Portland 67, Boise 61, Billings 66, Bismarck 57, Rapid City 68.

Southwest: Phoenix 83, Albuquerque 74, El Paso 80, San Antonio 86, Brownsville 92.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 85, Dallas 89, Oklahoma City 85, Kansas City 85, Minneapolis 68.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 75, St. Louis 80, Detroit 62, Cincinnati 79.

South: Houston 88, New Orleans 86, Memphis 75, Atlanta 80, Charlotte 85, Jacksonville 87, Tampa 88, Miami 81.

East: Norfolk 79, Washington, D.C. 73, Buffalo 62, New York 64, Boston 61, Bangor 39.