Hurricane-Force Winds Turning California Fires into Hellish Inferno and More

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Here are the top stories making weather news headlines for today:

  • Hurricane-force winds in California fan fires out of control
  • California Governor declares a state of emergency
  • More than 2.4 million people without power in northern California
  • Southern California fires near Hollywood shut down I-405
  • Heavy rain brings flood threat to the South this week
  • Bone-chilling cold and snow for Midwest
  • Warm week for Florida

Hurricane-Force Winds Turning California Fires into Hellish Inferno

The Kincaid fire in Sonoma County has doubled in size, forcing 200,000 additional evacuations as the flames are burning out of control in the face of hurricane-force winds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a state of emergency on Sunday night. California has 58 counties and 43 of them are under red-flag fire warnings as of Sunday.

Over 2.4 million people were without power over the weekend as Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) cut off electricity in order to prevent its damaged cables from sparking additional fires.

Southern California Evacuations as Fire Shuts down I-405

A fire erupted in Southern California along the Sepulveda Pass portion of the 405-freeway prompting mandatory evacuations from Mulholland Drive to Sunset Boulevard near Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The fire is close to the Getty Center Museum. The California Highway Patrol shut down off-ramps to Interstate 405.

Drought Relief for the South, but Flood Threat from Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is on tap in the South for most of the week. While the wet weather will bring much-needed drought relief, it also threatens to dump excessive rain, creating localized flooding and travel disruptions.

The heaviest rain is expected in eastern Arkansas, Southern and Eastern Tennessee, mid- and northern Mississippi, most of Alabama, mid-and northern Georgia, and the western areas of the Carolinas.

Heavy rains are also expected for the eastern half of Texas, Eastern Oklahoma, most of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana; and all of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, the northern half of Florida, and the western half of North Carolina.

Snow Chances and Bone-Chilling Cold for the Midwest This Week

It’s going to be bone-chilling cold this week for the Midwest, as a north-easterly swath of cold will start the week with the potential of snow and a slushy wintry mix.

Accumulation predictions range between 1-3 inches of snow.

The winter-like weather will affect portions of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Florida to See Warm Weather This Week: 90s and High-80s

The beginning to the middle of this week will bring warm weather to most of Florida, ranging from the low-90s to the high-80s.

Chances for rain are at 40% through Wednesday and chances of scattered showers could continue for Halloween, though at a lower likelihood at just 20%.