Several famous Venice City tourist attractions have been damaged by extreme flooding. For the first time in over fifty years, Venice is experiencing the worst flooding with waters reaching over six feet deep in some locations.

Increased tides have swept over the famous city, destroying historical sites beloved by locals and tourists from across the world.  The mayor has declared a state of emergency, describing the flooding as a “blow to the heart of the city.”

In 1966 the city suffered a similar emergency when floods waters destroyed citizens’ homes. Among the damages were treasured works of art. While some pieces were able to be salvaged, others weren’t so lucky. The city was not ready to go through the trauma again.

City leaders are blaming climate change for the deluge of water. Rising oceans and overflowing rivers have only added insult to the already flooded city.

Many historical sites have suffered from the floodwaters. Popular tourist attractions are now unrecognizable.

St. Mark’s Sq.

Piazza San Marco is a site that draws thousands of tourists every year. It’s a popular spot to take selfies. Accessible only by boat, it’s a busy area for gondola rides. Historians say Napoleon referred to it as “the drawing room of Europe.”

St. Mark’s Basilica

The famous Italo-Byzantine church and underneath crypts are being ravaged by floodwaters. Locals fear the waters are will harm the structure’s famous columns and ruin the ancient crypts.

Banksy’s ‘shipwrecked woman’ mural

The infamous artist’s painting of a young refugee ironically wearing a life jacket is about to be underwater. The piece of art overlooks the Rio di Ca Foscari canal. Unfortunately, this area is seeing the most damage from floodwaters.

Grand Canal

Located right by Banksy’s work, the Grand Canal is in dire straits with the floodwater. Ferryboats and gondolas have been destroyed by rising tides. This highly-trafficked area is being hit by sirocco winds, adding to the destruction.

Gritti Palace

Next to the Grand Canal, Gritti Palace is a popular host for royal guests, politicians, and celebrities. Before the storms, it was being transformed into a resort full of luxuries. It is currently being evacuated.

Libreria Acqua Alta

While this bookstore has spent years fighting rising waters, this year’s storm proved no match for the precautions put in place. The store boasts waterproof bins, an assortment of bathtubs and even a full-sized gondola. Many of the store’s books have been destroyed.

Doge’s Palace

This historical site is centrally located in the city. It is one of the highest-rated must-see sites in Venice. The museum was seen on social media overflowing with water.

With no end to the rising water in sight, many residents have chosen to flee the city. We can only hope that the damages are not permanent and the rain stops soon.