Mild, Rainy Start to the Workweek but Snow Coming and More Weather News

Many parts of the US will have a mild and rainy start to the workweek, but colder temperatures and snow are on the way; plus, your US weather forecast and other weather news.

Rainy start to the workweek, but snow and arctic blast on the way

Much of the US will see the workweek began with showers and storms from the Southwest to the Ohio Valley, and for the southeast and northeast. Heavy rainfall is anticipated along the Gulf Coast. The northwest and north-central US will see cold temperatures as we start the week, with snow to parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

However, as the week progresses, another cold front moves across the US bringing snow to more areas, even as far south as Dallas, portions of Arkansas, and into the Tennessee Valley for the first time this season.

The northeast and the New England states could see snow showers by Wednesday morning.

An arctic blast late in the week is going to affect mainly the Great Lakes region in the northeastern US. Much of the US will not be impacted by this arctic blast, but the areas that are could see temperatures as much as 25 degrees below average, and colder than Alaska, Minneapolis could see a high of 5 degrees.

Today’s US highs forecast

West: Seattle 46, Medford 52, San Francisco 54, Los Angeles 67, Reno 44, Las Vegas 62, Salt Lake City 38, Denver 38.

Southwest: Phoenix 64, Albuquerque 51, El Paso 53, Lubbock 60, Dallas 74, San Antonio 79.

North-central: Minot 14, Rapid City 34, Minneapolis 32, Chicago 49, Detroit 50.

Central US: Kansas City 49, Oklahoma City 52, St. Louis 56.

South: New Orleans 78, Memphis 65, Atlanta 64, Jacksonville 79, Tampa 82, Miami 81.

East: Cincinnati 58, Charlotte 55, Norfork 64, Washington 52, Buffalo 49, New York 55, Boston 56, Caribou 38.

Elderly couple found dead, buried in snow in northern Arizona

An elderly couple, both in their 70s, were found dead and buried under snow in Ash Fork, Arizona, a rural community west of Flagstaff. They were found within a few minutes’ walk from their own home.

The previous week saw blizzard conditions with a foot of snow, and it’s believed the couple may have been buried for an entire week. They were found less than 100 feet of reaching a nearby house, and it’s believed the couple likely left their vehicle and were trying to seek help when they were overcome by the environment.

Florida expecting 80-degree temperatures this week, nighttime lows in the 60s

While the northern part of the US is bracing for a late-autumn arctic blast that will render temperatures colder than Alaska, the state of Florida will be living up to its reputation of warmth, as temperatures will be in the low 80s on Monday, and near mid-80s on Tuesday.

After Wednesday, temperatures will be in the mid and upper 70s. Rain chances very between 20-50% throughout the week. Overnight lows will be in the 60s.

Increase in snowmobile deaths prompts safety awareness warnings

An increase of snowmobile deaths during November through early December has prompted officials to warn people not to venture off designated trails, where officials have inspected and groomed the pathways, ensuring snowmobile travel is safe.

Going off trails can be dangerous because you don’t know what’s under the snow. Officials say there are still a lot of areas of standing water where the ground isn’t frozen.

In addition, many areas are icy and extremely slippery. At least 5-7 inches of new, clear ice is needed for safe travel over lakes. Snowmobile riders are encouraged to go through safety training, by doing an online safety course, as well as a physical driving test.